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To create eco friendly energy alternatives that protects environment and provide economic value to our clients.

Our Story

Lakeforest Green Energy Private Ltd is the result of the synergy of innovative ideas by a team of committed and experienced blend of corporate and technical professionals embarked in the journey of providing energy alternatives. We specialize in providing Roof top solar solutions under RESCO / BOOT model to educational, industrial and commercial institutions across all segments and locations ranging from 50 Kilowatt to multi scale megawatt capacity.

We develop solar projects with end to end solution, delivering power on pay per use basis at competitive rates cheaper than the grid tariffs under a long term power purchase agreements, providing huge savings to our clients. We also offer better value proposition in terms of buy back options that enables our client to leverage their savings for higher return on investment.

We have a highly skilled team of experienced professionals, associates and partners, who ensure high quality execution in a timely manner with focus on providing value to our clients. Our team has a strong design, manufacturing, corporate and management background with a proven record.

Lakeforest Green Energy Today

Operating all over India.

Experience of over 275 projects.

High customer satisfaction.

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A chartered accountant by profession, who has spent more than three decades in large IT companies holding versatile corporate positions across Business Development, Marketing and Product development.

- Ramamurthi Ramalingam, CEO
What we do


What we do

Lakeforest Green Energy (LGE) is in the business of Installation, Erection, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Solar Power plants for generation of electricity for use by businesses.

These plants are installed and maintained by LGE. Our customers are provided Clean power based on mutually beneficial Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) covering a medium to long term period. Customers have the option of extending the PPA or outright acquisition of the Plant at the end of the agreed term.

Lakeforest Green Energy is committed to service a niche customer segment – those with a clear vision of business. Customers desirous of using clean power based on Solar Technology can use LGE’s services without going through the hassles of setting-up and maintenance of a solar power plant by themselves.

LGE takes the responsibility for setting up and operating the Plant throughout the duration of the Power Purchase Agreement. This removes the burden of statutory and other compliance by the end customers.

LGE brings the necessary expertise and skills required to ensure smooth operation and provide the desired energy requirements of our end customers.

Why We do?

The world as we knew before, no longer exists. The advent of Renewable Energy technology has brought about a sea change in the way we live. At Lakeforest Green Energy, we understand these dynamic changes and together with our clients we are in the path of ensuring a better world for next generations, by adopting and integrating renewable energy like solar energy solutions into their everyday living


Our vision is to become a global leader in providing reliable energy solutions at an economical cost and become the preferred choice of customers desiring to adopt renewable energy.

Why we do it

Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

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